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Electronic Tongue to Decide Wine Quality

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As reported in the UK’s Independent newspaper this summer, scientists from the Barcelona Institute of Microelectronics have developed an ‘electronic tongue’ for tasting wine, with the ability to distinguish between grape varieties and vintages.

The device is still in the early stages of development, but researchers hope they will one day be able to make an automatic wine taster that is more reliable than the human palette. The scientists hope that by extending the range of chemicals the e-tongue can distinguish, it will be able to identify substances or additives that could affect wine quality or indicate wine fraud.

While work continues on this development, the already proven application of analysis technology during winemaking is becoming increasingly common.

The FOSS WineScan™ has been in use since 1999 and for many, is an established tool vital for supporting decisions and improving quality throughout the winemaking process.

The FOSS OenoFoss™ analyser is also proving popular and the global calibration supplied with the instrument has recently been validated worldwide. The OenoFoss™ analyser measures main quality parameters of grape must, must under fermentation and wine within two minutes from a single drop of a single sample. Up to seven parameters are measured: sugar, pH, total acid, glucose/fructose, malic acid, ethanol, volatile acid and colour. The results are then displayed on a computer screen.

FOSS wine market manager, Christian Harpsoe said: “Wine producers can rely on the OenoFoss for their local region because the calibrations are based on a vast amount of data collected from thousands of samples around the world – you can just plug in the instrument and start analysing.”

Unlike the electronic tongue, FOSS has no ambitions to promote wine analysis as a replacement for human judgement. Harpsoe said: “Producers know what they are doing, but also want reliable analysis data when making vital decisions in pursuit of quality wine.”

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