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Fingerprinting Raw Materials to ensure Safe Products

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Principal Component Analysis (PCA)Amid ongoing concerns about the quality of raw milk entering the food supply chain, FOSS highlights the proven potential of analysis with infrared spectroscopy to screen raw material before it goes into production as milk products or powdered milk.

Infrared (IR) spectroscopy provides information on a large range of compounds and provides a powerful analytical tool that is ideal for routine screening of raw milk.

Looking at raw milk from a spectroscopic point of view, natural raw milk has a particular spectrum – a unique fingerprint. Using a technique called Principal Component Analysis (PCA), it is possible to program an IR spectroscopy analyser to recognise the spectra (or fingerprint) representing pure raw milk. Consequently, it is also possible to get analysers from FOSS to generate a warning when samples do not meet the criteria for pure milk. If the sample is somehow different from pure milk it will be detected immediately. This same principle applies to milk powder.

As a supplier of analytical instruments to the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, FOSS has, for many years, supplied equipment capable of detecting and verifying the identity and purity of raw materials. FOSS COO Torben Ladegaard said: “In the world’s food production sector it is crucial to have systems capable of identifying authentic raw materials to ensure that food quality and safety requirements are met. We believe that analysis technology can play an increasingly important role in this respect.”

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