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The NIRS DA1650 feed analyser from FOSS

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article image The NIRS DA1650 feed analyser is a robust high-performance near infrared analyser

FOSS  has recently announced the release of the NIRS DA1650, an easy to install feed analyser with the potential to instantly improve quality and process economy.

The state of the art NIRS DA1650 device uses near infrared (NIR) technology to analyse feed products and raw materials for protein, fat and moisture, making NIR more accessible to the market than ever. 

The NIRS DA1650 is a Diode array (DDA) based NIR analyser with a scanning range that is ideal for analysis of protein, moisture and fat content.

The DA1650 device has a built-in PC with touch screen that can be pre-calibrated for standard applications making operation precise yet simple. Once a sample of feed is placed into the analyser the results of its contents appear on the screen within minutes. 

Benefits of the NIRS DA1650: 

  • IP65 certified
  • Can tolerate vibration
  • Can sustain changes in temperature
  • Durable;and
  • Low maintenance.

The implications for the NIRS DA1650 feed analyser are that producers will be able to check raw material and pay the correct price based on an efficient, accurate analysis of the sample. 

Prompt and specific analysis also allows feed producer to isolate particular material depending on its moisture, protein or fat content, ensuring optimal use of products. Final products can be tested in pellet form without sample preparation.

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