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Stiff Stay Fencing

Frauenfelder manufacture and supply Stiff Stay, a prefabricated fence available in a range of wire configurations to suit your individual requirements. 

Stiff Stay fencing is 100% Australian made and has been designed for various applications including, stock and boundary fencing. 

Stiff stay boasts no sharp wire ends to protect stock from injury and a clean smooth knot.

Safer installation for farmers
Stiff Stay fencing wire is easy to use and install. Other benefits include:

  • At the start of the coil each roll has 450mm long line wires for tying off to the post and at the end of the coil to make the joining method your own.
  • The vertical pickets can be spaced at 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 225mm and 300 mm. 
  • The line wires can be spaced at a minimum of 100mm to 1.2m high (used for horse fencing world wide) and can maintain that minimum spacing of 100mm to a maximum height of 2m.
  • Movement is restricted and the fence stiffens when suspended from the posts due to the tight crossover knot and deflection of the wires.
Versatile Gate and Fence Fittings
  • Stock and boundary fencing
  • Horse paddocks
  • Wallaby and kangaroo barrier fencing
  • Dog, pig and feral proof fencing
  • Temporary security fencing
  • Highway animal barrier fencing
Dog Stiff Stay- this Stiff Stay fencing has been designed specifically to protect against dog attacks on valuable livestock. This wild dog barrier fence is available in 3 heights to discourage dogs from jumping and climbing over it. 

Wallaby and Feral Fence- Frauenfelder's range of feral fencing has been designed especially for the Australian market to provide a barrier to smaller marsupials, dogs, pigs and feral animals.

The Wallaby and Feral fencing has 13 high tensile line wires and is built robust and for longevity.

Horse Fence- Stiff Stay was originally made for the Quarter Horse market. Frauenfelder horse fencing provides a high tensile line wire that prevents injuries to hooves and leg tangling and also provides a resistant fence that keeps horses within the boundaries of your land. 

Temporary/Highway Fence- this fencing range is used to prevent human and animal intrusion. This Temporary/Highway Fence comes in 30m coils and is ideally used on larger scale green field construction sites. 

Frauenfelder's huge range of Stiff Stay stock and boundary fencing is safe, easy to install and provides security and boundaries for your livestock. 

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