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Bulk handling and storage services offered by Gardner Smith

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Gardner Smith  offers services related to packaging, transportation and logistics through Pacific Terminals. Gardner Smith deals with the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids, petroleum, chemicals and fats and edible oils. The storage of these liquids is done through stainless steel insulated tanks which are available in various capacities. These containers also have provision for blending, heating and nitrogen blanketing.

The products handled by Gardner Smith for storage include corrosives, glycol, naphtha, lube oil additives, combustible liquids, degreasers, viscosity improvers, solvents and distillate. The storage tanks used by Gardner Smith are made of stainless steel or mild steel. Storage tanks having capacities from 50 to 2500 cubic meter capacities are available from Gardner Smith.

Gardner Smith provides handling services to unload and load liquid tankers. Drumming service is also provides which includes inspection and receipt of pallecons, drums and bulk bins. These bins and containers are also labeled according to the requirements of customers.

Gardner Smith also operates a fleet of road tankers for providing road cartage service. Blending and packaging of products is also dealt by Gardner Smith. The bulk products are blended by Gardner Smith according to customer’s specifications. They are packaged into packs of various capacities. These packs are again packed into boxes and are shrink wrapped.

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