Gendore Tractors and Machinery Presents the Shredding Mastery of the Zago Sabre Series

by Gendore
Innovative design of the Zago Sabre Series makes maintenance and cleaning easy
Innovative design of the Zago Sabre Series makes maintenance and cleaning easy
Innovative design of the Zago Sabre Series makes maintenance and cleaning easy Performing to modern zootechnical requirements, the Zago Sabre Series is a technical revolution to hay shredding DUO-MIX system is an intelligent two-in-one mixing shredding solution

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Sabre Series NT, Sabre Series WL, Sabre Series WT

Time and money saving, the Sabre Series are a technological solution to modern zootechnics.

Ensured return on investment is founded in clever in design and deep understanding of the demands hay shredding requires for maintenance of healthy livestock.

High productivity and versatile, DUO-MIX system saves time 
  • Achieves maximum productivity with little labour, the Sabre Series adopts the intelligent all-in-one mixing and shredding innovation, DUO-MIX system
  • Limited maintenance requirements and versatile applications, the Sabre WL can load whole bales and unbound items with ease
  • Quick and effective, the Sabre WT versions can sort feed from maize, grass, straw and hay bales in a matter of minutes
Compact and forward-thinking designs, size options from 7 -17 m³ to suit your requirements
  • Transportable and compact from small herds to large estates, size options run from 7 -17 m³ to suit the physical requirements of your farm
  • Rounded design of Sabre NT has been perfected to make cleaning simple and maintenance easy
  • Sabre WT’s intuitive silage cutter group resides within the machine width creating a complete reduction of overall size and smoother movement in restricted spaces
Trusted and reliable safety features with parachute valve on all cylinders
  • Quality safety assurance, the Sabre Series protects you while in operation with parachute valves on all cylinders
  • Structured counterframe on Sabre WT gives precision silage tilling weights every time, regardless of movement
  • The Sabre NT’S automatically adjustable chain unloading conveyor and adaptable hitch for increased efficiency 
Providing agricultural hay shredding innovation, Gendore offer the entire range of the Zabo Sabre Series and feed mixer options.

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