The Refined Zago King Series Feed Mixer from Gendore Tractors and Machinery

by Gendore
Models from 7-24m³ King Series can mix and shred for all sized farms
Models from 7-24m³ King Series can mix and shred for all sized farms
Models from 7-24m³ King Series can mix and shred for all sized farms High quality zootechnical feed and performance assured Zago King Series Feed Mixer Patented Free Flow Mix® produces highly nutritious compression free mixing

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King Series NT, King Series WL, King Series WT

Distinctive feed production to optimal zootechnical standards, the Zago King Series ensures high performing results for your cattle.

Culminating practical research and technological innovation the King Series range offers shredding-mixing solution increasing efficiency and boosting productivity. 

Patented Free Flow Mix®2 x2 augers system gives pristine shredding and mixing
  • Revolutionary Free Flow Mix® system in King Series ensures fast refined shredding and compression free mixing 
  • Feed produced is of high nutritional value with the all the valuable sustenance for optimal animal breeding 
  • The King WL puts you in quality control as one tractor functions autonomously it is able to load bales and loose items easily
Economical with conservative fuel consumptions using 40% less than traditional machinery 
  • Energy efficient designs, the King Series uses 40% less energy and power compared to other manufacturers
  • Structured design of the King WT positions the silage cutter group within width for portability in confined spaces
  • Available in models from 7-24m³ King Series can mix and shred to whatever scale farm 
Made with safety in mind all working cylinders come with parachute valves
Cylinders are fitted with parachute valves for added safety in case of rupture or damage.

Durable epicyclic reduction gear tested wet for increased safety 
  • Zago King WT has a smooth smaller face to resist mould and produce cleaner output
  • Rounded exterior of King NT improves appearance and makes cleaning and maintenance easy
Intuitive and dependable design specific to modern farming demands, the Zago King Series of Feed Mixers are an asset to increased productivity and safety.

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