Brandt Grain Handling GrainVacs from Geronimo Farm Equipment

High performance 5200EX reaches far and high for easy mobility
High performance 5200EX reaches far and high for easy mobility
High performance 5200EX reaches far and high for easy mobility Intelligent Cone Separator allows for allows for efficient air flow while maximising capacity Low cost and easy to maintain Brandt 7500HP maximises power with complete energy efficiency Brandt high performance GrainVacs for increased efficiency

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5200 EX and 7500HP GrainVacs

Agricultural technology to facilitate efficient and low maintenance grain handling, GrainVacs is available in two models to support your operations.

High capacity and low profile 5200 EX delivers increased productivity
  • Impressive grain handling capabilities, moving 5,000 bushels of wheat per hour
  • Adjustable Bin Snake minimises fatigue with folding hose Auger that positions from tractor seat
  • Minimal energy requirement with 70 hp for cost efficiency
  • Accessible air diffuser allows cleaning of grain and can be set to remove some insects
  • Convenient Pile Driver option allows quick cleanup from tractor seat
  • Rotating 8 inch steel exhaust turns away from operator for increase airstream
Intelligent efficiency 7500HP offers maximum capacity at 120hp
  • Efficient grain machine moving up to 220 t/ hr or 8,000 bushels per hour
  • Durable steel Cone Separator and Air Equaliser Elbow
  • Lower horsepower for improved energy efficiency
  • Designed without pile driver option
  • Stainless steel louvers Max Flo Nozzle retain grain the airstream for enhanced capacity
  • Rubber mounted flights, tube liners and spring loaded top flight for long lasting reliability and reduced maintenance
Compatible with a number of attachments such as Discharge Down Spout and Safety Lighting Kit, GrainVacs can be enhanced to suit your requirements and increase your productivity further.

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