Brandt Open Top Augers and Grain Decks from Geronimo Farm Equipment

20 inch belt efficiently moves over 12,000 bushels per hour
20 inch belt efficiently moves over 12,000 bushels per hour
20 inch belt efficiently moves over 12,000 bushels per hour Durable and robust Grain Decks can easily take the weight of a semi trailer Open Top Augers deliver high capacity grain movement

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HP 330 T/HR Brandt Open Top Augers

Geronimo Farm Equipment provides the range of Brandt Open Top Augers and Grain Decks. These impressive machines combined deliver high capacity and convenience by eliminating bottlenecks with the easily positioned HP Open Top Augers and excellent load bearing ability enabling trucks to unload with ease with the unique drive over GrainDeck.  

Durable construction with high capacity and excellent reach
Open Top Augers are available in 70’, 90’ and 110’
  • Open Top hoppers drive over deck feeds direct into Auger allowing unloading of trucks with one or more trailers quickly and efficiently
  • Auger is driven by side drive PTO and deck can be driven by hydraulics on tractor, saving time and allowing complete trailer clean out every time
  • Augers feature a wide collapsible hopper, low deck height, spring loaded tension and single set up positioning
  • Additional options include: reversing kit, hopper kit, safety chain and max bin sensor
Increase operational efficiency with innovative designs
Drive over Grain Decks make unloading trucks impressively fast and easy.
  • 20 inch belt efficiently moves over 12,000 bushels per hour
  • Grain Decks can be equipped with a wide range of options to cater for specific requirements including: ramp extensions, electric drive, hydraulic drive, double tube option, splash cover and more
Brandts Open Top Augers and Grain Decks are the ideal solution for increased efficiencies in grain movement.
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