Grain Guard Aeration Systems from Geronimo Farm Equipment

Grain Guard Fans are also available to suit your agricultural requirements
Grain Guard Fans are also available to suit your agricultural requirements
Grain Guard Fans are also available to suit your agricultural requirements Innovative New Generation Rocket provides strong, long-lasting results Lightweight Retro Rocket is easy to install in no time at all Grain Guard Heaters offer low temperature efficiency to drying grain

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High performance Aeration Systems that reliably protect your grain from infestations in humid environments.

Improving efficiency in high humidity conditions, Aeration systems deliver effective drying for your valuable grain and are also available as a retro fit for cone silos.

Grain guard’s high performance drying capability can also provide modular shed aeration systems and the required fans.

High efficiency Heaters operate at low levels to dry effectively in cool, humid conditions
  • Boost air temperatures by 11 degrees and absorbs up to 50% of high humidity from grain
  • Increased productivity with reduced grain drying time
  • Quality reassured CGA approved
Drying efficiency with popular Rocket system
  • Increased fan efficiency of 20% and 50% reduced drying time
  • Easy cleaning with unique louver design for minimal maintenance
  • Thrusts air into the centre of bin for complete drying efficiency
Easy to install Retro Rocket
  • Simple enough to assemble within 45 minutes and lightweight design
  • Efficiently filters air to inner core of bin where drying is most essential
  • Robust triple leg design for even grain flow
High powered Next Generation Rocket
  • Reduced all over weight and improved 3 leg stability design containing 125% more than the Classic Rocket
  • Smoother louvered surface by up to 4-8% for cleaner unloading
  • Engineered aeration capability allowing for more air to travel into the middle of the hopper
Comprehensive solutions, hard wearing aeration fans can be supplied from 3 hp to 30 hp to suit your requirements.

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