Hutchinson Grain Pumps for Efficient Grain Transfer Applications from Geronimo Farm Equipment

Move grain efficiently with minimal damage
Move grain efficiently with minimal damage

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Hutchinson Grain Pumps

Geronimo introduced the Hutchinson Grain Pump to Australia and has built over 15 in the past 15 years.  The simple system has 4 right angle corners and is ideal where Silos can be placed in a straight line and blending is required.  Grain pumps can be built in stages and added to Silos as required.  Different diameter tubing gives you different capacities up to 500 T/HR.   Grain pumps can be put into sheds and have even been used to move sand.

Move product at high capacities with minimal damage
  • The Hutchinson Grain Pump moves grain with gentle efficiency while maintaining high capacity outputs
  • Requires less horsepower than traditional methods resulting in less product damage
  • Quick and efficient in-load and out-load of grain
  • Ability to move grain both vertically and horizontally with ease
  • Requires less maintenance than traditional conveying systems
Move grain efficiently with the Continuous Grain Loop Conveyor System
  • The Hutchinson Grain Pump an incorporate many storage units and provides easy in-load and out-load to trucks and wagons
  • Allows for easy incorporation of “off-line’ processes including, grinding, drying and cleaning of grain
  • Ability to blend different grains
  • A wide range of attachments and options are available to accommodate any bin requirements
The Hutchinson Grain Pumps can be configured to cater for your specific requirements. These intelligent grain loop conveyor systems provide the ideal solution to your grain handling applications.
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