Norrish Ezy Bin Chaser Bins from Geronimo Farm Equipment

Single Axle Norrish Chaser Bins
Single Axle Norrish Chaser Bins
Single Axle Norrish Chaser Bins Chaser Bins feature hydraulic drive for smooth and reliable operation 20 and 24ft Chaser Bins feature three compartments Heavy Duty Chaser Bins for demanding applications

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Norrish Ezy Bin

Geronimo is a NSW distributer of the range of Ezy Bin Chaser Bins. These heavy duty Chaser Bins are proudly made in Western Australia and can be custom built to order and is available in single and bogie axle design. These bins have been designed to deliver excellent in strength, simplicity, safety and capacity.

Hydraulic drive for smooth and reliable operation
  • The Norrish Ezy Bin features hydraulic drive powered by a 23hp petrol motor
  • Auger speeds are linked to your petrol engine revs allowing for complete control of the filling speed
  • Eight inch auger barrels feature a replaceable poly liner which can be tailored to suit your requirements
Fast filling capacities for efficient seeding operations
  • The auger barrels have a maximum capacity ½ tonne per minute
  • The Norrish Ezy Bin is available in four different sizes including 16ft, 18ft, 20ft and 24ft with the 20 and 24ft bins featuring three compartments
  • Bin is operated by a handheld cordless remote which can effectively control the bin up to 50 meters freeing the operator to perform other duties
These impressive Chaser Bins are very competitively priced starting at the 20 tonne model to the largest 32 tonne model. The Ezy Bin Chaser Bins provide the ideal solution to your grain handling requirements.
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