Swing Away Brandt Augers from Geronimo Farm Equipment

Repositioning ease with Swing Away XL range
Repositioning ease with Swing Away XL range
Repositioning ease with Swing Away XL range Low profile for increased safety Giving you the performance you desire, Swing Away Augers are compatible with a number of options to suit you High capacity power HP Swing Away 1370HP

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Swing Aways 1060 XL, 1070 XL, 1080 XL, 1370 XL, 1380 XL, 1390 XL, HP Swing Aways 1370HP, 1380HP, 1390HP, 13110HP

Dependable results when you need it the most, Swing Away Augers deliver you high performance productivity every harvest.

Reliable and efficient Swing Away Augers move intensive amounts of grain

  • Scissor lift for low hydraulic requirement
  • Easy clean out doors with sealed transition for moisture resilience
  • Protective Chain coupler for trouble free gearbox life
  • Low profile hopper and self level with solid no flat wheels for safe unloading
  • Comprehensive range of options to suit your requirements including Reverser, Spout, safety chain, supplied Swing auger mover and hydraulic hopper winch
Supercharged Swing Away 1060 XL to 1390 XL deliver high capacity strength
  • Incredible capacities with 10 inch auger moving 5,100 bushels per hour and 13 inch auger moving 9,500 bu/hr
  • Fast unloading prospects with lengths of 60 to 90 feet and 10 and 13 inch wide tubes
High efficiency HP Swing Away 1370hp to 13110hp moves grain quick
  • Increased productivity with 60% higher capacity compared to regular 13 inch augers
  • Long extension capabilities in 70 to 110 feet lengths
  • Adjustable 10 inch tyres for easy hopper positioning
Providing you with quality reassured, Geronimo offer experienced advice to help you find the product to suit your requirements, as well as a comprehensive after sales service.
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