Twister Silos for Premium Grain Storage from Geronimo Farm Equipment

Heavy duty  corrugated Flat Bottom Silos
Heavy duty corrugated Flat Bottom Silos
Heavy duty  corrugated Flat Bottom Silos Full Floor Aeration Systems Easy cleanout with Clean Sweep Unloading System External ladder with cage for added safety

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Flat Bottom Twister Silos

Geronimo Farm equipment builds and distributes the range of Corrugated Flat Bottom Silos from Twister. These heavy duty Silos are stiffened externally for added strength and feature an exterior sidewall ladder and safety cage. The 3” narrow corrugated flat bottom silos are available in varying sizes from 14’ through to 44’ with bushel capacities from 1,662 to 52,750.

Painted components are powder coated for extra durability
  • All painted components feature a Powder coating reducing corrosion and increasing durability
  • Rectangle door is fitted standard on 14’ to 32’ diameter bins and round doors are fitted standard on 38’ and 44’ diameter bins
  • Silos come standard with exterior ladder with the option for inside ladders available
  • Outside ladder with safety cage is standard on silos 6, 7, 8 tiers high, with an additional platform for Silos 9-12 tiers high
  • Features roof manhole and remote lid opener
Easy cleanout with Clean Sweep Unloading System
  • Convenient 11” U-trough systems is available for 25’ – 44’ diameter bins
  • Comes complete with gear driven 7” bin sweep for easy and effective cleaning 
  • Silos also feature a Full floor Aeration System which is easy to install and available in 18 and 20-guage
Geronimo has specialized in constructing and distributing twister bins for over 17 years. Geronimo’s construction staff have a wealth of experience in building the Twister brand Silos. The impressive range of Twister Silos from Geronimo provide the ideal solution to your grain storage requirements.
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