Durable Haystack Covers from Hay Cap

by Hay Cap

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Hay Cap Covers - Cover your hay the safe way

Hay Caps are a simple and innovative way to cover hay stacks at ground level.

Made for large square bales, applied at ground level
Other features include:

  • Covered bales are then stacked into place on the top of the stack as you build it.
  • Folding together, they create a roof over the hay bales
  • Patented and trademarked
  • Hay stack covers are made from 3mm thick food grade recycled plastic
  • Take less than a minute to put on
  • Flexible, durable, UV stable and vermin proof
  • Simply storage by stacking on top of each other when not in use
Effective in protecting your haystacks
Other benefits include:

  • Quick to apply
  • Simple to use bale coverage
  • Reusable plastic hay covers
  • Durable and built tough to last
With an expected lifespan of over 10 years, and the convenience of storing hay almost anywhere, Hay Bale Covers are the most economical storage solution on the market today. 
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