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2012 ‘The Year of the Farmer’

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Jadan Enterprises  believes that Australia is currently at the threshold of a big agricultural boom.

Describing 2012 as the ‘Year of the Farmer’, the company quotes global economists who agree that the mining boom will pale into insignificance compared with the demand for food from a hungry world over the next decade.

The rising demand from India, China and Africa – regions with growing populations and changing appetites – will lead to increased prices for Australia’s agri-food commodities such as hay, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, goats, wheat, barley sorghum and milk solids among others.

Farmers worldwide face similar pressures including uncertain weather patterns, shaky political and financial scenarios, squeezes on ready availability of credit and increasing environmental compulsions, which will impede growth and shrink profit margins if they are not managed smartly right from the start.

Smart management by farmers is therefore required to tap into the benefits of the agricultural boom, which involves making careful and smarter choices.

Input costs will have to be managed, especially labour cost as it is likely to grow over the next decade with farmers competing against mining companies for the same workforce pool.

Australian farmers will also have to compete on a global scale with farmers from Europe and North America, whose incomes are greatly subsidised by their governments.

The agricultural boom of the next decade will be owned by farmers who make careful choices from the start with 2012 being the starting point.

The rewards of the boom will come to smarter farmers who choose investment that will hedge their risk in uncertain weather, and who deliberately manage their growing labour bills by investing in high quality, low maintenance machinery to reduce their labour costs.

The agricultural boom decade will bring unprecedented growth and prosperity for these shrewd managers of 2012, rewarding farmers for all the decisions made in 2012, the ‘year of the farmer’.

Jadan Enterprises offers a wide range of equipment for hay handling including big bale chasers, stackers, accumulators and grabs.

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