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Efficient wool handling and marketing services from Jemalong Wool

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Jemalong Wool  specialises in providing wool handling and marketing services. Jemalong Wool is basically a Regional Wool Broker organisation with its office located at Forbes. Jemalong Wool commenced its operations by about 1980. These wool handling and marketing services are offered at cost effective rates. Jemalong Wool adopts efficient and innovative techniques for marketing wool.

Jemalong Wool is capable of delivering quality wool with the help of various network systems of warehouses located at various places throughout Australia. Jemalong Wool houses experienced professional capable of providing efficient wool marketing services. Jemalong Wool handles about 52,000 bales of wool on a yearly basis.

Jemalong Wool specialises in marketing greasy wool. This wool marketing organisation can also handle about 110, 000 bales of wool. This method of wool production and marketing has ideally helping the farming sector. These innovative methods also enable to increase the business profits. Jemalong Wool also provides additional information on wool to its clients. Jemalong Wool adopts modern and cost efficient wool handling and marketing techniques.

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