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Jetstream Workmate Sprayer (Workmate 12)

Jetstream has introduced the Workmate Sprayer which is an ideal broadacre boomspray for smaller farms.

Features and Benefits of the Workmate Broadacre Boomsprays
  • This broadacre boomspray has 100% accurate ground drive system with large colour coded pressure gauge which gives variable speed operation
  • Easy to use plumbing layout
  • Durability is a feature on all Jetstream sprayers and booms, are constructed of high quality steel and carry an unmatched 5-year structural warranty
  • Suspension and stability is provided by an effective cable and spring configuration
  • The broadacre boomsprays have a unique cylindrical boom design provides the ultimate in nozzle protection against breakages
  • Manual spray control
  • Chemical handling kit

Available Options for the Workmate Broadacre Boomsprays

  • Boom wheel kit
  • Electric control dual sided foam marker
  • TeeJet Centreline 220 GPS
  • Electric air compressor air supply for foam marker
  • Tank sight tube
  • 50mm tow ball hitch
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