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The LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System from John Morris Scientific is dedicated equipment for measuring soil CO2 flux

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Now available from John Morris Scientific , LI-COR’s LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System, provides researchers with flux monitoring instrumentation in a dedicated, easy to use system.

Understanding the sources and sinks of carbon and their exchange with the atmosphere are a high research priority around the world due to the increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and the resulting consequences for the earth’s climate. Soil CO2 flux makes a significant contribution to the total carbon balance and is driven by complex environmental and biological processes that are variable in space and time.

LI-COR's LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System has a measurement range of 0-3000ppm (CO2) and 0-80 mmol/mol (H2O) and allows researches to make both short term survey and long term unattended measurements of soil CO2 flux.

There are two optional short term survey chambers: the 8100-102 (10cm) and 8100-103 (20cm).

The 8100-102 short term survey chamber allows researchers to fine tune chamber placements more easily. For example in crop rows, more measurements can be performed with the 10cm chamber over the available space within and between the rows, which is helpful when studying CO2 flux across the root zones of various crops.

The 8100-103 short term survey chamber is exposed to a larger soil area, enabling better spatial averaging of CO2 flux over heterogeneous soils. This 20cm chamber also uses the same soil collar as the long term chambers.

There are also two long term chambers: the 8100-101 and 8100-104.

These long term chambers are used for making unattended daily measurements and seasonal soil CO2 flux patterns at a single location for weeks or months at a time.

The 8100-101 is designed for use with the LI-8100 in a single chamber, long term system and can also be used for multiplexing with the LI-8150 Multiplexer.

The 8100-104 is an economical, lightweight solution for multiplexer systems. The 8100-104 expands the capabilities of the LI-8100 system and provides an additional chamber option to measure both spatial and temporal variations of soil CO2 flux.

Even with using LI-COR's LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System, measuring soil CO2 flux requires comprehensive sampling because of spatial heterogeneity of soils and temporal variations in the environmental processes that drive soil CO2 flux. The LI-8100 Windows or Interface Software for Palm OS provides intuitive settings for configuring either single chamber or multiplexed systems to make repeated, automated flux measurements.

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