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Pregnancy Scanning Process from Just Cows Services

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Just Cows Services  offer a pregnancy scanning process for dairy and beef cows.
Dairy herds are generally scanned during milking. In rotary sheds and herringbones with long AI (artificial insemination) races, this can be done at the same time as milking with very little effect and stress on cows. In other situations this will vary depending on the facilities available.  

In beef herds, scanning is carried out in a crush or race and depending on flow, up to 200 cows an hour can be scanned.

Although the equipment is portable and can be operated under any conditions, it is advantageous to have suitable working platforms in dairies, and shade when working in sunlight.

Pregnancy scanning testing is comparable to manual testing in cost per cow, but there are other significant cost savings. Large numbers of cows can be scanned in less time and in dairy herds, the non-invasive scanning process means no lost production. Manual pregnancy testing of dairy cows is very invasive and stressful, which can result in reduced milk production.

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