Modular Rotary Harrows for Trash Management and Weed Control by K-Line Agriculture


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K2000 Modular Rotary Harrows: K22SR - Standard Rotor Module, K22SR - Standard Rotor Module and K22RI - Rice Rotor Module

Rotary Harrows are ideal for weed control, trash handling and stubble management. Due to the rotary action residue is spread evenly on the surface to provide consistent mulch. 

Minimum and Conventional Tillage

The K-Line K-2000 Modular Rotary Harrow can be used with all soil types and conditions as well as a wide variety of working conditions for field cultivation and trash management.

The tines are uniquely positioned on each harrow to improve the condition and levelling of the soil and mix the organic matter and nutrients evenly. Features include:

  • Adjustable Depth Control improving ability to sow small seeds
  • Adjustable aggression angle from 28 to 42 degrees
  • Rotors to suit all soil types
  • Mounted harrow which clods and lifts with your machinery

Types of Rotors for the Modular Rotary Harrow

K-Line Agriculture’s Rotary Harrows have a range of Rotor Modules to suit various soil types. These include:

  • K22SR - Standard Rotor Module – 70 tines per working metre
  • K22RK - Rocky Rotor Module – Ideal for rocky and limestone country with 57 tines per working metre
  • K22RI - Rice Rotor Module – Composite rotor ideal for farms with clay and loam soils

K-Line Agriculture have a range of Harrow Machinery included in the range is the Spring Tine Harrow, 900 Series Hydraulic Harrow Bar, K44 Poly- tipped Harrows, 5000 Series Coil Packers, 7000 Series Coil Packers, 2581 Hydraulic Harrow Bar and the 2500 STCP Bar. 

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