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Strong, versatile Keech points enhance no-till cropping operation

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article image NSW farmer and agronomist, John Minogue uses Keech DDP 18W1 knife points to improve field efficiency

The strength and adaptability of tools from Keech Castings is helping New South Wales farmer John Minogue use a single drill and set of points in his multi-crop no-tillage operation.
John and his wife Lisa own a 2000-ha property at Barmedman with the mixed operation consisting of sheep, cattle and crops such as wheat, canola, barley and oats. The Minogues run a no-till cropping system, although they still use tillage to cultivate some land for livestock pasture.
John explains that they have a number of different soil types but much of the property is black self-mulching clay, a soil type that is friable but can be very sticky when wet, and is prone to compaction. The no-till system allows them to get better germination at reduced costs, adding up to a better net return.
Working for many years as a commercial agronomist, John first saw Keech minimum-till points and adaptors at field days back in 1998.
Four years ago John saw a second-hand Flexi-Coil 820 cultivator with a 6000-litre airseeder box for sale. It had Keech DDP 18W1 knife points attached, so he bought it. Using the drill for all their planting operation, the Minogues sow wheat, canola, barley and oats, and also pasture with the same points.
According to John, the beauty of the Keech product is the tungsten in the knife point that makes it extremely hardy, and does not need to be changed when they move between soil types; the knife point is changed when they alter the type of cultivation. This is helping them increase their field efficiency since they had to previously change their points every six months.
Keech Australia has been designing and manufacturing agricultural wear components for over 50 years, and offers a diverse product range including direct drills, points and adapters and deep-tillage products.
Keech points are interchangeable, which means John can change the component he puts on the bottom, depending on his tillage requirements.

Keech ground engaging tools have a higher tungsten component than many other products on the market, giving them the strength to boost performance and extend the working life of the drilling equipment. The no-till system also helps them create a good seed slot to improve germination.

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