Animal Emulsifiers for Pig and Poultry Diets from Kemin

Lysoforte Animal Emulsifier
Lysoforte Animal Emulsifier

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Lysoforte is a great source of lyso-phospholipids which are gut-active emulsifiers. They assist with fat digestion and absorption in the small intestine of animals.

Lyso-phospholipids emulsifiers are useful for a variety of diets

  • Young pigs: until the pig is about 8-10 weeks old, fat and digestion is in-efficient (particularly with animal fats) which impairs growth rate and can result in sticky dung, making pen cleaning difficult, which can then lead to poor hygiene
  • Broiler chickens: like the young pig, the young chicken doesn’t digest fats well and added fat levels in diets can be reduced with Lysoforte addition to the feed which can save money
  • Laying hens: when egg size is lower than expected and when feed intake is reduced, eg. high summer temperatures
  • Horses: increasing the rate of fat and/or oil digestion in the small intestine, it may help overcome inhibited feed intake problems with performance horses
Speciality feed additives always have their role to play in feed, but when the target ingredient or nutrient is at a high price the additive brings additional value to the diet.

With the price of Tallow being quite high, Lysoforte has an important role to play in assisting with the digestion and absorption of dietary fats as well as helping to ensure the full energy value of this product.

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