Kemin Feed Preservation and Stabilisation Products


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Myco CURB® Liquid & Dry, TOXfIN™ Dry, Fresh CUT™ Plus Liquid, Kem LAC®, Silage SAVOR™ Plus Liquid, Mycoflake™ Liquid, Kem WET® WS Liquid, Kem WET® OS Liquid, Kem WET® OW Liquid, Kem WET® LR Liquid, Endox™ Dry, Rendox™ Liquid, Barox™ Liquid, KemZIN™, KemTRACE™ Chromium

Mould Control and Mycotoxin Binding Products for Feed Stabilisation and Preservation

  • Myco CURB Liquid and Dry - Mould inhibitors for stored grain and finished feed 
  • TOXfIN Dry - Mycotoxin binder for addition to finished feed 
Hay and Silage Preservatives and Silage Innoculants

  • Fresh CUT Plus Liquid - Hay preservatives for baling hay at higher moisture levels
  • Kem LAC water soluble powder - Silage inoculants for a better fermentation  
  • Silage SAVOR Plus Liquid - Silage preservatives when silage is too wet or too dry
Surfactants and Emulsifiers

  • Mycoflake Liquid - Steam flaking surfactant for improved flake durability
  • Other surfactants 
    • Kem WET WS Liquid for improved molasses physical handling
    • Kem WET OS Liquid for improved tallow physical handling
    • Kem WET OW Liquid for homogenizing mixes of water and oil based ingredients 
    • Kem WET LR Liquid for recovering moisture losses from processing such as grinding  

  • Endox Dry for premixes containing vitamins
  • Rendox or Barox Liquid for oils and  fats  
Organic Minerals

  • KemZIN organic zinc
  • KemTRACE organic chromium
Kemin can also provide application systems to support liquid product addition, along with technical services and advice.   

Other areas of Kemin’s product and personnel expertise include feed enzymes, natural pigments, Salmonella control and feed acidifiers.  
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