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Food Mould Control
Toxfin® supplied by Kemin is able to manage the contamination of mycotoxins in animal feeds.

Mycotoxins occurs in a wide variety of raw materials used for animal feed production and can have severe implications for both animal and human health.

Toxfin® has a low affinity to most of the essential nutrients in the animal GIT

  • Broad-spectrum mycotoxin bindings
  • Improves the zootechnical performance of animals fed with the feed contaminated by mycotoxins
  • Effective at low dosages
  • Doesn't contain undesirable substances such as heavy metals, dioxins that can be found in the raw clays
  • Non-digestible, therefore, can be used for all animal species
  • Stable during the feed processing at high temperatures and pressure

Preventing mould growth (by using a suitable mould inhibitor) and subsequent mycotoxin production is an essential first step for good animal performance and food safety.

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