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Commercial Broilers
Clostat Probiotics supplied by Kemin is a microbial feed additive that is throughout the entire growth period of broiler chickens.

The principle is to contribute a healthy balanced gut flora throughout the period of growth.

This will prevent proliferation of undesirable microorganisms such as enteric pathogens

By reducing the number of enteric pathogens, Clostat is able to restore a healthy microbial balance to the host animal.

Clostat Probiotic Feed Reduces Intestinal and Faecal Clostridial Counts
  • Maintenance of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Comparable growth performance seen against AGP
  • Free flowing powder and is resistant to heat.
  • Compatible with most AGPs, coccidiostats and organic acids
Kemin has in vitro data to show that the product is able to withstand 100 degrees Celsius (steaming) for up to three minutes.

In addition, Bacillus spp. have been reported to stimulate the immune system of chickens and this in turn leads to improved health of the animal.
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