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Saddling gear and tools from Kent Saddlery

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Kent Saddlery  offers saddling gear such as blankets, breastplates, girths, laces and stirrups. Saddlery tools, farrier's tools, butchering tools, pliers and pouches are also available from Kent Saddlery. Kent Saddlery was established in 1988 and is known for providing quality and durable products.

Kent Saddlery offers stockman's gear which includes dinner hobbles, bull straps, quart pots, and swags. Kent Saddlery provides Australian saddles which are strong yet comfortable for both the horse and the rider. The saddles are available at competitive prices.

Kent Saddlery offers a range of custom made Australian saddles which includes Equaliser Western Drafter saddle, Equaliser Southern Drafter saddle, Station Special saddle, Equaliser Western Drafter Slimline, Equaliser Southern Drafter Slimline and Child and Youth saddles.

The Equaliser Western Drafter saddle from Kent Saddlery has western drafter knee pads which allow the rider to lean forward in the saddle. The saddle has an extra height at the sides which gives security with a lively horse. Option of cable rigging or in-skirt rigging.

In addition to providing saddles, Kent Saddlery also offers a range of accessories such as whips, wallets, bridling gear, knives, pouches, riding gear, ropes, hand-sewn belts and horse care products.

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