Lick Feeders from Kerin Engineering


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Cattle Feeders and Sheep Feeders

Kerin Engineering sells tough and durable lick feeders that are solid and built to last direct to farmers and end users.

Animal Feeders include Cattle Lick Feeders and Sheep Lick Feeders.

Cattle Lick Feeders

  • 2 Tonne (24 Bag)
  • Fully Galvanised

Sheep Lick Feeders

  • 2 Tonne (24 Bag)
  • Fully Galvanised

Kerin Engineering Manufacturer Product Range
Kerin specialises in creating custom made farm feeders and equipment that is renowned for practicality and reliability.

Their range of farm solutions also includes:

  • Trail Feeders
  • Bin Fillers
  • Feeders and Groupers
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