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pH level maps from KH Consultancy
pH level maps from KH Consultancy
pH level maps from KH Consultancy Outline farm maps from KH Consultancy Aerial Photo Farm Map from KH Consultancy Magnetic whiteboard farm maps from KH Consultancy

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Farm Maps and Soil Maps

KH Consultancy is a professional farm mapping business. KH Consultancy can produce farm maps with aerial photos and accurate paddock areas. KH consultancy can assist with planning new farm fences to set up for auto steer, up and back operations. KH consultancy can produce maps of your soil types.

Farm mapping services
KH Consultancy provides complete farm mapping consultancy. Their services include:
  • Overall Farm Map - Map with all farm blocks on one page
  • Aerial Photos - Farm  map with a high quality aerial photo as a map background
  • Outline Map - Farm map with a white background
  • Map Booklet - A4 Booklet with an individual map of each paddock, one paddock per page
  • Magnetic Whiteboard - Ideal for farm operation planning in your shed or office
  • Planning - Plan new fences for your farm, set up for auto steer GPS operations
  • Contour - Contour Mapping can be used to help with defining contours
  • Elevation - Three dimensional maps
Simplify farm management and operations
Benefits of farm maps include:
  • Staff and Contractors - Easily direct staff and contractors to the right areas
  • Accurate Paddock Areas - Makes budgeting easy by knowing how much of a product you require
  • Arable Area - Very useful for operations planning, or for sale and lease agreements
  • Landmarks - Any place of interest can be mapped, water pipes, dams, sheds ect.
  • Contour - Map out low lying out salt prone areas
  • Elevation - Helps determine water run off. Useful for gravity feed water systems
Soil mapping services
  • Zone Maps - Define soil types by a high quality aerial photo
  • Zone Soil Testing - Test the soil in each zone, comprehensive soil analysis
  • Zone Application Map - an application map based on the zone test is produced
  • Grid Maps - Soil test paddocks in a grid formation, comprehensive soil analysis
  • Grid Soil Map - A detailed soil maps is produced from the results of the soil testing
  • Grid Application Map - An application map, only where they are needed
  • Grid VRT Map - Maps can be used with variable rate technology
Increase cost savings with soil mapping
Benefits include:
  • Cost Savings Inputs - Only place inputs where they are most needed
  • Cost Savings Operations - Only part of a paddock may need attention
  • Limiting Factors - Identify why a part of a paddock is not performing
  • Different Soil Types - Require different nutrients, plan accordingly

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