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Bulls and cows from Kidman Cattle Co

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Kidman Cattle Co  specialises in breeding Poll Hereford and Angus stud cattle. Kidman Cattle Co was established in 1986. Nelson and Randall Carlow, proprietors of Kidman Cattle Co, were particularly interested in breeding stud cattle and wanted to start their own stud. Kidman Cattle Co is located in the Western Plains of New South Wales. Kidman Cattle Co has a stud selling complex and the entire stud breeding herd are run on the property which is approximately 100 kilometres to the North and North East of Dulcidene.

Every year, Kidman Cattle Co joins about 250 Poll Hereford females and 70 Angus females. Kidman Cattle Co offers bulls which are displayed at its annual property sale in September. Bulls are also displayed at the Dubbo National Poll Hereford Show and Sale and the Midwest Angus Bull Sale which are held in June and July respectively. Kidman Cattle Co also conducts private bull sale.

Kidman Cattle Co utilises a balanced commercial approach in its breeding techniques to produce herds that withstand seasonal climatic conditions. Kidman Cattle Co uses a combination of cutting edge and proven genetics to maintain high standard cattle.

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