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Leica mojoMINI

Getting started in precision guidance has never been easier. It’s more affordable than ever to start saving money in the field by lowering input costs and by enhancing driver accuracy to reduce overlap in any field operation. 

Plus, with Leica’s revolutionary steer-to-the-line technology, the Leica mojoMINI helps less experienced operators maintain a straighter, more consistent line every time.

Multiple guidance options plus an unguided mapping mode
  • Easy-to-install Leica GeoSpective smart antenna with automatic Bluetooth® connection to the Leica mojoMINI display
  • Multiple guidance options plus an unguided mapping mode
  • GL1DE® technology for enhanced in-field accuracy (25cm pass to pass)
  • Get the most out of your investment with the dual-function display; street navigation included
  • Reduce waste and costs with the Boundary recording feature
  • Quickly and easily calculate the total area of a field to accurately determine input requirements
  • Reduce over application and misses with the Coverage Mapping feature 
  • Allowing operators to more accurately turn sections on and off as they enter headlands or cross other worked sections of the field

GL1DE® is a registered trademark of NovAtel Inc.

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