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Leica mojoXact

With the Leica mojoXact, Leica Geosystems offers another user friendly product for a variety of applications. This high accuracy upgrade option for the Leica mojo3D provides RTK positioning with the Leica patented terrain compensation and offers additional steering solutions like SteerDirect CAN, SRK and Hydraulic for further improved accuracy. 

Be faster in the field with benefits such as simple installation, easy configuration and calibration 
Other features and benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with the Leica mojo3D
  • High accuracy at high speeds
  • Positioning updates run at 20times/sec (20Hz) for enhanced steering performance
  • Plug & Play set-up with complete Leica mojo3D integration allowing you to be in the field and working quicker
  • Utilises latest technology along with self calibrating inertial sensors
  • Remote on-field service and support gives peace of mind via Virtual Wrench
  • Capability via the use of open standards such as ISO, NMEA and RTK correction formats
The Leica mojoXact has improved positioning up time with standard GPS and GLONASS at no extra cost plus the capability to utilize future satellite constellations.
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