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Generators and engines from Machinery Warehouse

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Machinery Warehouse  offer different types of generators, engines and miscs. The generators from Machinery Warehouse include Tru power petrol generators, inverter petrol generators, Tru power diesel generators (open frame) and Tru power diesel generators enclosed and silenced.

Tru power petrol generators are available in three models. The KGE 2500 X 2KVA petrol generators come with fifteen litre fuel tanks, recoil start and works on 8.7 ampere units. The KGE 6500 X 5KVA has electric and recoil start units with twenty-five litres of fuel tanks. The inverter petrol generator from Machinery Warehouse are also available in three different forms. 1KVA range of inverter petrol generators come with four stroke engines, silent running unit with alternate and direct current facilities.

Machinery Warehouse offer different range of engines. Tru power KG200D engines from Machinery Warehouse have 5.5 horsepower units and it comes with four stroke petrol engines and twenty-one millimetres shaft units. Tru power KG200ST engines features 2-1 reduction gearbox with 5.5 horsepower, 21 millimetres shaft and a four-stroke petrol engine. The Tru power KG690D is a V twin 20 horsepower engine. It comes with four-stroke petrol engine, oil cooler with oil filter, electric start unit and stainless steel cover and 35-millimetre shaft.

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