Slow Release Fertiliser Tablets and Spikes from Manutec

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Manutec's slow release fertiliser tablets and spikes are non burning, easy to handle and slowly release specific plant nutrients at the root zone, with no leaching or loss of nutrients.

These slow release fertilisers are available in different shapes and nutrient ratios specific to different plant groups such as:
  • Foliage plants
  • Trees
  • Fruit and Citrus
  • Roses
  • Native Plants
  • Aquatic Plants
Slow Release Fertilisers
  • Easy to handle
  • No messy mixing and complicated measuring
  • Ideal for application at the time of new planting
  • Suitable for all pot or container grown plants (both indoor and outdoor), bedding plants and trees and shrubs
  • Suitable for high rainfall areas, minimising the leaching and nutrient runoff into the water supply and contamination, thus providing significant environmental benefit
  • These fertiliser tablets and spikes contain premeasured doses of nutrients specific to the plant’s requirements which prevent the risk of overfeeding or starving
  • Available in different size, shapes and nutrient ratios depending on plant type and application situation
  • Nnon burning, long lasting fertilisers suitable as horticultural fertilisers for all pot plants, shrubs and trees

Fertiliser Tablets and Spikes Specifications 

  • Fertiliser Spikes- Foliage Plants (NPK 14-2-4 + TE) – MTO1001
  • Fertiliser Spikes- Flowering Plants (NPK 5-3-8 + TE) - MTO2002
  • Fertiliser Tablets 1.5g- All plants (NPK 12-6-10+TE) – MTO7007
  • Fertiliser Tablets 1.5g- Bloom boost (NPK 8-8-12+TE)  – MTO7008
  • Fertiliser Tablets- Trees and Shrubs (NPK 20-5-5+TE)– 10g and 20g – MTO6756/MTO6788
  • Fertiliser Tablets for Fruit and Citrus 20g-  (NPK 7-9-16+TE) –MTO6767/MTO6799
  • Fertiliser Tablets for Natives 10g and 20g- (NPK 18-0-12+TE)– MTO6700
  • Fertiliser Tablets for Aquatic Plants 10g- (NPK 10-15-10) TABAQUAPLANT10
  • Fertiliser Tablets for Tomatoes 10g- (NPK 10-16-20 +TE) MTO6710
  • Fertiliser Tablets for Rose Bushes 10g- (NPK 9.6-5.2-7.2 +TE) MTO6778
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