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Slow Release Fertilisers: Nitrogen (Urea Formaldehyde), Multi Purpose, Azalea, Camellia, Rose

Garden Fertilisers
Slow release fertilisers are usually a solid form of fertiliser that is sprinkled on top or dug in to soil before planting. The outer layer is insoluble but permeable, so nutrients are release in a controlled way over a set period. Manutec offer a range of slow release nitrogen fertilisers,  multi purpose fertilisers and specific plant fertilisers.

Benefits of the Slow Release Fertilisers
  • Nitrogen is essential to healthy plant growth and forms a major part of chlorophyll, nitrogen deficient plants are stunted and yellow
  • Nitrogen slow release fertilisers make nitrogen regularly accessible to plants with only 2 or 3 applications a year
  • All purpose slow release fertilisers are resin coated and release a balanced controlled amount of fertiliser over an 8 month period. Nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements are consistently released depending on soil temperature
  • Soil PH, soil type and microbial activity do not affect the release period of this fertiliser

Slow release fertiliser varies for plants, which need extra sustained plant foods and plant nutrients to survive:

  • Slow release azalea fertilisers
  • Slow release camellia fertilisers
  • Slow release rose fertilisers

Manutec slow release horticultural fertilisers and horticulture supplies come in various sizes and are suitable for out door plants.

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