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Gypsum Supplies, Garden Lime, Dolomite Lime Supplies

Commercial Fertilisers
Manutec soil conditioners are fertilisers that are added to soil to improve plant growth and health. Manutec has gypsum, garden lime and dolomite lime to improve the quality of heavy clay, sandy and acidic soils.

Benefits of Manutec's Soil Conditioners
  • Gypsum soil conditioners improve the drainage and structure of heavy clay soils, decreasing the risk of root rot and making the soil more workable
  • Adds important calcium and sulphur to the soil
  • Gypsum soil conditioners prevent the buildup of salts, without affecting the soil acidity
  • Practical with easy application and lasts for several years
  • Gypsum products can also be used to improve the quality of finished compost and sandy soils which require additional sulphur

Garden Lime

  • Finely ground limestone that reduces soil acidity and acts as a soil conditioner
  • By reducing the acidity of soil (raising the soil pH) of very acidic soils, plants have better access to essential nutrients required for rigorous and healthy growth
  • Garden lime is used on heavy clay soils to improve drainage and soil aeration

Dolomite Lime

  • The dolomite lime is made of finely ground limestone, which reduces the soil acidity whilst adding calcium and magnesium
  • Reducing acidity of very acidic soil allows plants to access essential nutrients, for healthy and sturdy growth
  • Adding lime to the soil also improves drainage and aeration again allowing plants to gain water and nutrients easily

Applications for Manutec Soil Conditioners

  • Clay breaking products
  • Soil aerators
  • Soil balancing products
  • Soil fertility products
  • Soil health products
  • Soil improvement products
  • Soil treatment products 
Manutec soil acidity reduction products help to improve productivity at a relatively low cost by promoting optimum conditions for plants and are available both as commercial fertilisers or garden fertilisers.
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