Marshall Multispread (900) for Synthetic and Organic Fertiliser Spread

Applications rates vary from 20kg/ha through to 6000kg/ha
Applications rates vary from 20kg/ha through to 6000kg/ha
Applications rates vary from 20kg/ha through to 6000kg/ha Reliably spreads both synthetic granulated and non granulated products Available in trailer or truck mounted configurations
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Trailer Models : 945TL, 960TL, 980T, 910T, 914T, 9160T<br />Truck Mounted Models : 950TM, 980TM, 910TM

900 Series Marshall Multispreads are available in trailed or truck mounted configurations, with capacities from 2.5 to 16 tonne. 

In production for the past 10 years, the 900 Series Marshall Multispread range is used for a wide range of agricultural applications, from broad-acre cropping through to horticulture.

Fertiliser is discharged from the hopper by a 900mm wide PVC feedbelt, 3 times stronger than a standard 2 ply rubber belt
  • Spreads both synthetic granular fertilisers such as Urea and Superphosphate, and non-granulated organic products like lime, gypsum and manure.
  • Applications rates vary from 20kg/ha through to 6000kg/ha
  • Driven by a rubber coated roller and supported by stainless steel roller running on self-lubricating nylon bushes, this system ensures a low friction and low maintenance drive
Constant application rates independent of ground speed
  • Consistency is achieved by altering a combination of sprocket ratios and hopper door openings
  • To minimise corrosion caused by acidic fertilisers, all Multispread machines are grit blasted and then primed and top coated using two pack epoxy paints. Both the primer and top coat are applied using and electrostatic system and an automated paint mixing process
Standard equipment on the 900 Series Multispread are twin 600mm diameter spinner discs. Spinner Drive options include PTO, Hydraulic or 20HP Petrol engine. Depending on the machine configuration, spread widths of up to 36m from granulated fertilisers and 12m for Lime and Gypsum can be achieved.

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