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Series 501/1001 Transportable Sheep Yards

The Series 501/1001 Portable Sheep Yards from McDougall Weldments are made up of a main holding yard, double handling race, three way draft and drafting pens, and a small marking pen.

The Sheep Yards from McDougall Weldments can be used for tailing, mulesing, race crutching and jetting.

Made with strengthened square tubular steel
To maintain high durability, each Sheep and Holding Yard is made with reinforced tubular steel. Other features include:

Simple and flexible structure allowing all yards to be extended or interchanged
Individual hurdles mounted on heavy duty caster wheels
The sheep yards include an in built trailer which allows for easy transport

Can hold upto 2000 sheep depending on your need
Depending on your needs, McDougall Weldments have two sheep yards to hold upto 2000 sheep.  The two Sheep Yards are:  

The Series 501 Sheep Yards
The McDougall Weldment Series 501 Sheep Yards have the capacity to hold 1000 sheep and work 500 sheep. They also feature:

  • Nine metre double handling race holds 40 to 50 sheep
  • Yard unfold process time 25 minutes
  • Unique power operated crank-axle trailer suspension

The Series 1001 Sheep Yards
The McDougall Weldment Series 1001 Sheep Yards have the capacity to hold 2000 sheep and work 1000 sheep. They also feature:

  • Five metre double handling race
  • Yard unfold process time 15 minutes
  • Crank-axle trailer suspension optional electric or hand winch
  • Standard 32 panels, optional extra added

The complete set of yards can be unfolded from transport and ready for use in only 25minutes. The complete 501/1001 Sheep Yards can be easily towed behind any farm vehicle making it highly portable and easy to assemble for your needs.

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