Cattle Crushes and Headbails by Metalcorp

Cattle Crushes and Headbails by Metalcorp
Cattle Crushes and Headbails by Metalcorp

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Livestock Handling Equipment: Cattle Crushes and Headbails

Cattle Equipment: Crushes
Metalcorp offers a full range of Cattle Crushes, suitable for a variety of jobs such as mouthing, bloat prevention, ear tagging, pink eye treatment and dehorning to name a few. Metalcorp crushes are manufactured to high standards, making it easier and safer for the operator.

Heavy Duty and Custom Cattle Crushes
Cattle Crushes on offer include:
  • Heavy duty crushes built to withstand constant use
  • Allrounder cattle crushes built for versatility
  • Custom crushes for those who have unique needs such as veterinaries
  • Economic crushes perfect for the small farm
Crushes come with headbails, and each style of crush offers it’s own benefits, such as front and rear access gates, sound proofing, 2 side parallel squeeze, galvanised bodies, and walk through headbails.

Livestock Equipment: Headbails
Metalcorp also offer a selection of headbails to complement their crushes. Options include straight action headbails or folded action headbails, providing the very best in strength, simplicity, speed and access, perfect for jobs such as dehorning, and vet visits to name a few.

Please contact Metalcorp to discuss your cattle handling equipment and farm equipment needs and the crush option that is right for you.

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