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U Series LS tractors now available from Mirco Brothers

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U Series LS tractors, now available from Mirco Brothers , are marked by their advanced technology and excellent efficiency. They are optimal for small farming or hobby farming.    

Features of the U Series LS tractors:  

  • Powerful Engine - All modes within the tractor are powered by impressive Mitsubishi technology. The water-cooled 4 cylinder engine offers high performance with low fuel consumption and low vibration/noise. It meets EPA, ISO, OECD as well as EC certificates.  
  • Remote Valve - U Series LS tractors have an open centre system with 1 or 2 double acting remote hydraulic valve to suit customer’s needs. They also have a Monoblock design valve.            
  • Shuttle lever - There is a finger-trip control type shuttle lever for efficient forward/reverse shifting.      
  • New grill design - The new aero-dynamic bonnet designed by LS focuses on excellent visibility, while the new chrome front grill prevents rust.            
  • Flat deck - A true flat deck design and rubber mat is standard for safety. There are fewer holes in the floor for less noise, less dust and easy cleaning.      
  • Tilting power steering wheel - The adjustable power steering wheel optimises the tractor’s user-friendly working conditions.          
  • Reliable PTO performance - The hydraulic Independent PTO can be easily controlled by a switch on the dashboard. High PTO output and 3 PTO speed are standard (540/750/1000)      
  • Transmission - These tractors have16F×16R basic transmission, while 32F×16R transmission with Creeper is optional. A Synchro Shuttle allows customer to operate the tractor more conveniently.      
  • Isolated luxury cabin - An isolated luxury cabin with air-conditioner is optional. Low noise and vibration meet the requirement of EC homologation.      
  • Performance oriented design - Operators can dedicate both hands to controlling the tractor conveniently and efficiently.                
  • One touch Open Bonnet - A customer oriented bonnet design allows convenient service access and reduces maintenance time and costs.        
  • Excellent visibility - Streamlined and operator-oriented design for excellent visibility  

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