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Unifork - lightweight hay forks for the Equestrian Industry

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The Unifork, a versatile, durable hay fork ideal for equestrian field and stable management, food handling, gardening and other general purposes is now available from Nayla Pty Limited .

Manufactured from high grade polypropylene, the Unifork, by Harold Moore products, is easy to clean, rust proof, lightweight and easy to handle. All shafts are reinforced with fiberglass core. And, for added strength, the handle screws on these hay forks are thread bonded to their blades.

The tines are tapered along their length and star-shaped in profile, providing excellent material holding and retention. The blade overall is curved, leading to a high backed scoop arrangement at the rear.

The hay forks’ tines effectively perform as a wedge into the material and gather it into the rear of the blade.

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