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Nelson’s O3000 Orbitor pivot sprinklers win AE50 award for innovation

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article image The Orbitor pivot sprinklers have no body struts for debris to hang on

Nelson ’s innovative O3000 Orbitor pivot sprinklers have recently won an AE50 award from the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers.  

The AE50’s are awarded to a maximum of 50 products internationally.  The awards were founded to recognise the innovative engineering of products in the areas of agriculture, food and biological systems. 

Agricultural products, such as Nelson’s irrigation system, are judged by industry experts on a strict set of criteria.  The product must:  

  • be the most profound technology in its industry,
  • improve user safety, and
  • benefit producers by saving time, labour and money.  
The Orbitor pivot sprinkler offers irrigators durability, reliable operation and a long wearing life, even in the least hospitable watering environments.  

These pivot sprinklers have been developed to take advantage of new technology that eliminates attached debris in order to provide irrigators with a uniform water application of optimal size droplets at low operating pressures.    

The O3000 Orbitor pivot sprinklers enable precision application of water, energy and fertiliser.  Features of the innovative irrigation product include:  

  • bracketless assembly,
  • Nelson's universal 3TN quick change,
  • colour coded plastic nozzles,
  • low water application operating pressure range of 69 to 138 kPa (10 to 20 psi),
  • drop tube mounting,
  • low trajectory angles that minimise the effects of wind on the water whilst maximising water and energy conservation,
  • two easy to change plate options to provide desired droplet configurations needed for specific site and soil requirements,
  • relative throw distance at mounting height of 6' to a diameter of 58' (1.8-17.7M).  
Visit Nelson’s website for more information on the innovative water application solution.

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