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Pregnancy scanning: increasing productivity

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Noble Management Australia  offer pregnancy scanning services. Some of the benefits of pregnancy scanning and follow-up feed management of ewes include:  

  • Better Management - Pregnancy Scanning allows clients to develop specific feeding regimes for multiple and single bearing ewes.  
  • Enhanced Lamb Survival - Pregnancy Scanning aids in survival, meaning greater lamb numbers for replacement or sale.  
  • Better Average Lambing Weights - Due to the specific feeding program developed for the pregnant ewe, lambs will achieve better growth rates compared to those on average feeding programs.  
  • Improved Follicle Development - Research has shown that follicle development is improved when feed requirements are met in the first six months of life.  
  • Better Reproduction - Life studies have shown that early, under nourishment can affect reproduction rates throughout a sheep’s life.  
  • More Options - Pregnancy Scanning gives provides the flexibility to sell, run dry, or join again.

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