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GSM Remote Tank Alarms by Orbit Communications

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Orbit Communications  introduces a new line of GSM remote tank alarm systems for tank monitoring and tank level detection applications.  

GSM-2200-OD GSM remote tank alarms from Orbit Communications can be connected to any number of remote tanks to provide a reliable and instant notification to a mobile phone in the event of tank overflow or tank low condition.  

The primary input to the remote tank alarms is a simple float switch. Upon activation the GSM-2200-OD remote GSM tank alarm system will send an alert text message directly to a mobile phone.  

The setup software that comes with the system enables up to 5 mobile phones to be connected to the remote alarm and receive an SMS text alert message via the GSM or NEXT-G/3G mobile phone network.  

The setup software enables site descriptions and tank descriptions to identify alarms from multiple sites.    

For remote locations with no mains power supply, the GSM-2200-OD wireless GSM tank alarms can be supplied with a renewable energy source such as solar power. The system can alternately be powered by 12/24V DC or optional 230VAC mains power supply.  

In addition to tank overflow or low level alarms, the system can send Mains Loss/Restore alarms and Low Battery/Battery Restore alarms.  

The status of the system can be determined at any time by sending an SMS text command to the GSM remote tank alarm system.  

The GSM remote tank alarm has two auxiliary digital outputs that can be switched ON and OFF by SMS text messages from the mobile phone on any GSM or Next-G mobile phone network.  

The remote alarm system is supplied with a high gain GSM antenna to ensure healthy communications over the GSM/Next-G mobile phone network in areas that may have weaker reception.  

GSM-2200-OD GSM remote tank alarms are essential for critical applications such as remote water tanks that need to be filled when low, as well as sewerage storage tanks that become full and require emptying.  

Designed, manufactured and supported in Australia by Orbit Communications, the GSM-2200-OD GSM remote tank alarm system comes with a 3-year warranty.

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