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Pump control systems from Orbit Communications

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The Wireless tank monitor and pump control system from Orbit Communications gives you the ability to remotely monitor the levels of your tanks and automatically control the pumps.

With a design which offers ongoing performance with up to 10km range between units the monitoring system has an optional remote monitor/control unit that shows you the state of the tank and pump at a third location such as a farm house.

An optional GSM alarm dialer is available that will send a text message to any mobile phone in the event of an overflow, or pump failure. With a  low power consumption system design, this enables the system to be powered by a small solar panel at remote locations.

The system comprises a remote tank monitoring unit and a pump control unit. There are float switches which are places into the tanks to indicate if the level is high or low. Once the low low level float is activated, the pump unit will activate the pump to on and the tank will be filled. Once the tank levels activate the high level float, the pump unit will switch the pump off.

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