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Wireless irrigation monitoring systems, why make the switch?

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article image Wireless irrigation monitoring systems have many benefits
Wireless irrigation monitoring systems, such as those from Orbit Communications are becoming increasingly popular as they eliminate the need to physically check every irrigator located on a property.

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) supports this notion, explaining that property owners will enjoy an improved lifestyle as they are “not required to constantly check the progress of water…being irrigated,” and they are able to “be away from the property, relax with the family and sleep through the night.”

Wireless lateral and pivot monitoring irrigation systems from Orbit Communications operate by monitoring pivot or lateral irrigators and then sending the relevant information back to water pumps.

This means that property owners can devote their time to other important tasks as they do not have to regularly drive back and forth to each irrigator in order to monitor to them.  

Because the irrigation monitoring systems observe each irrigator on a constant basis, they detect problems much faster than manual monitoring, and they are able to immediately switch the necessary water pumps off when a problem arises.

This ensures problems are detected as soon as they arise, and prevents further damage from occurring.

The irrigation monitoring systems are available with a GSM/Nect-G dialler. This feature allows them to send an SMS to five different phone numbers, alerting those who receive it that a problem has been detected in one of the irrigators.

This ensures property owners are informed of the problem almost immediately, which enables them to fix it as soon as possible.

The irrigation monitoring systems are able to keep the water pumps turned off until the problem that has been detected is effectively solved, which prevents further damage.

If you wish to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved lifestyle
  • The ability to spend more time completing other property related tasks
  • Comfort knowing your irrigators are being constantly monitored
  • Speedy and accurate problem detection
  • Reduced repair costs
Then wireless irrigation systems from Orbit Communications are for you.

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