Aminogro Amino Acid-based Plant and Soil Food from Organic Crop Protectants

Highly nutritious Aminogro Amino Acid-based Plant and Soil Food
Highly nutritious Aminogro Amino Acid-based Plant and Soil Food

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Aminogro Amino Acid-based Plant and Soil Foods

Aminogro is a highly nutritious plant food with a powerful formulation of essential amino acid-based nutrients and trace element supplements.

Plants transform nitrogen into plant fuelling NH²+ facilitating the mobility of amino acids.

Energy effective Aminogro has already converted nutrients into NH²+ form allowing for immediate absorption of nutritious amino acids and escalating plant growth. 

Aminogro also releases micro-nutrients into growing crops to build resistance to harsh and changing weather conditions for higher harvest yield.

A selection of fortified amino acids for strength and development
  • Aminogro is formulated from bacteria enzyme digestion of water creature’s wastes converted into efficient NH²+ nitrogen for an organic solution
  • Amino acids in Amnigro perform as chelating agents for optimising immobile nutrients 
  • Other amino acids assist in adapting and regulating plants to the environmental conditions for complete sustenance 
Reliable plant protection for crop growth
Other benefits include:
  • When used on glyphosate residual crops Amingro can encourage dead plant residue to disperse and reverse detrimental physiological conditions 
  • Increased pollination and fruit set from amino acid germination power
  • Chitinase enzynme production preventing disease and troublesome pests 
  • Due to high acidity Amingro is compatible with most horticultural sprays 
  • Aminogro can be applied or injected into irrigation systems 
A comprehensive blend of amino acids, minerals and trace elements give your crops the essential nutrition to grow strong.

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