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Colonizer Bioinoculant- 100g

Colonizer is an early season Botrytis spray that is made up of Trichoderma koningii. It has been isolated from grape flowers so is suited to colonizing environments by being a natural barrier to early infection as well as the establishment of latent infection of Botrytis in grapes.

Designed for maximum efficacy and compatibility

  • Botrytis cinerea (grey mould) is an important disease of grapes, strawberries, vegetables and many other crops
  • B. cinerea infects grapes by penetrating the developing flowers then waiting until veraison before rotting the fruit
  • Trichoderma koningii is found in vineyards and is a natural enemy to Botrytis, it can also grow into flowers and eradicate Botrytis from berries
Trichoderma reduces Botrytis infection by as much as 80%.

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