eco-Coil® Oil Based Organic Insecticide and Miticide from OCP

Australia’s first Botanical Oil Based Organic Miticide/Insecticide
Australia’s first Botanical Oil Based Organic Miticide/Insecticide

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eco-Coil®- 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L packs

eco-Coil® is an oil based organic miticide/ insecticide that is made from 100% Australian grown oils. eco-Coil®l has been designed to control a wide range of insects such as scale, mites, aphids, whitefly and leafminer.

By using light botanical oils that boil off plant surfaces efficiently, there is less risk of burning foliage with eco-Coil® than with other alternatives such as white oil or other mineral/ petroleum oil sprays. This allows eco-Coil® to carry no withholding period for edible crops.

Combines insecticidal properties of three natural oils, emulsified in surfactant system

  • Safe and harmless for applicant
  • Safe to most beneficial insects
  • No restrictions in use and no residue
  • Compatible with IPDM systems having hardly any residual activity on insects
eco-Coil® has three modes of action

  1. Blending of essential oils ensure they are effective penetrants. eco-Coil then penetrates into the insects skin, blocking their ability to breath effectively. Causing death via suffocation.
  2. The insects protective 'waxy' cuticle and eggs are denatured by oils and surfactants, causing dehydration and death.
  3. Works an a minor insect repellant on leafy surfaces, reducing pest re-infestation.

eco-Coil® can be applied in a preventative manner using an IPM system every 14 days. By doing this it will supress Mite, Aphid and Whitefly populations to levels where predatory insects can be most effective. If an insect 'flare-up' occurs, it is recommended to use eco-Coil® at a higher rate of twice within 3-5 days.

eco-Coil® is manufactured using 100% Australian grown canola oil and other essential oils.

Questions about this product

Does eco-oil control Mealy bug?
Eco-oil will only control juvenile stages of mealy bug.

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