Soluble seaweed extract biostimulants

Concentrated Soluable Seaweed Extract Powder offers increased crop development and value
Concentrated Soluable Seaweed Extract Powder offers increased crop development and value

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Acadian 100% Soluble Extract Powder- 2.5kg, 20kg, Acadian Roots and Shoots - 10L, 200L, 1000L

Crop vitality, nutrition, development and harvest yield with completely soluble seaweed extract, Acadian from Organic Crop Protectants.

Dervived from Ascophyllum nodosum from the coast of Nova Scotia, Acadian offers an organic solution to increase quality and value to your field.

Suited to your requirements, Acadian is available in concentrated Marine Plant Extract Powder and economical Acadian Roots and Shoots Liquid with a variety of size options.

Increased plant development and harvest turnover with over 60 natural nutrients 

  • Over 60 naturally occurring essential nutrients, amino acids and carbohydrates for a comprehensive biosupplement increasing your crop value
  • Develops plant resilience in stressful environments especially frost tolerance with improved membrane stability
  • Proven increased plant foundations with stronger root growth
  • Return on harvest with increased number of heads per plant and overall nutritional health
  • Reliable produce development with uniform size with reduced pests, disease and better fungicide penetration
  • Compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and fertilisers for ease
  • Sustainably derived and product process monitored for quality control as well consistent testing of batches for peace of mind
  • Versatile Root and Shoot is suitable for foliar applications, irrigation water systems, seed treatment and rooting/transplant solution

Increased crop value and plant development, Acadian Biosupplements gives you quality control every harvest.

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